Forbes Mavros (center second row) and his Mauritian team.

photo : DR

Founded in Zimbabwe *, the Patrick Mavros brand has been made in Mauritius for 14 years. A line of jewelry, inspired by endangered species of Mauritian fauna, has enabled significant donations to the MWF

Also located in Nairobi, Kenya and London, Great Britain, the brand has gained international fame and recognition among heads of state and celebrities. Today, this unique story is deeply rooted in Mauritius where designers Kate and Forbes Mavros continue to draw inspiration from the rich nature of the island. The Patrick Mavros workshop located in Beau Plan is housed in a 160-year-old metal foundry. Visitors are guided through a working jewelry workshop and are invited to meet the team of master craftsmen who create intricate works of art. Ancient and modern techniques are used in tandem to produce the collections inspired by the beauty of Mauritius, African fauna and culture. Forbes and Kate have elevated the brand’s original classic sterling silver designs with natural gemstones and diamonds, combining 18k yellow gold with sterling silver.

“I wanted jewelry that depicts endangered species”

“When we designed the Mauritian wildlife collection, I wanted to have jewelry that portrayed endangered species and hoped this would make our customers aware of how close these species are to extinction,” Forbes explains. Since the launch of the collection, Patrick Mavros raised more than 1,500,000 rupees (approx. €30K Editor’s note) for the MWF thanks to the sale of these pendants and bracelets. When the Covid-19 pandemic led to a lockdown in Mauritius, another thought came to Forbes’ mind. Using a piece of basalt rock, Forbes began making bracelets using ancestral blacksmithing techniques and more modern tools. Under his verandah, the Forged by the Ocean No 1 was created. The bracelets were posted on Patrick Mavros’ Instagram page and were a resounding success. In less than two months, over 300 bracelets were sold, raising over 750,000 rupees for the MWF (around 15 K € NDLR). During these two months, 50% of the sale price was set aside for MWF.

Jacques Rombi

* Zimbabweans for 5 generations and established in Mauritius for 12 years at Terre Rouge (workshop) and Beau Plan, the opening of the brand employs 50 people on both sites.