In our columns, we regularly mention the NGO Cétamada, which works to protect the oceans by raising awareness and training local Malagasy residents, as well as the Vatel hospitality school, which is well established on the Big Island.

Tourist accommodation is one of the means of sustainable income linked to whale watching. With this in mind, Cétamada has teamed up with the Vatel international hotel school to train future executive staff from Sainte-Marie Island. This will strengthen Cétamada’s activities in support of young people on the island, while at the same time providing a sustainable source of income to help preserve the environment. Training in tourism and hospitality continues at Anjaranay (Cétamada’s awareness and training site). Since the launch of the program in November 2022, the first two classes of students from the Fanorona* center have successfully completed the training. Since mid-August 2023, a third wave has been benefiting from 6 months of theoretical courses coupled with 6 months of field placements with the association’s tourism partners. At the end of this, the Anjaranay center will receive them once again for their evaluation week, before they fly off on their own!

*The Fanorona center is one of Vatel’s two free vocational training centers for young people from local communities in Morondava (west) and Sainte-Marie (east).