The Medine Scholarship Scheme, a scholarship program set up by the Medine Group in 2013, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The scholarship award ceremony for the 2023 recipients took place last week at Casela Nature Parks, in the presence of the scholarship recipients and their parents.

Once again this year, Medine continues to promote education and support its employees by offering scholarships to their children. The group attaches great importance to promoting quality education through the establishment of an educational hub and investment in its teams, hence the raison d’être of the Medine Scholarship Scheme. Medine hopes that this initiative will relieve families of the financial burden of education, helping to ensure a more peaceful school year for children.
As Anushka Radhakissoon, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, explained, “Ten years ago, Medine decided to offer a scholarship to the children of its employees. All the parents present will be able to testify that children’s education costs do indeed play an important, if not dominant, role in the family budget. Ten years on, this initiative has alleviated the education costs of a total of 73 scholarship recipients, for a cumulative total of over Rs 2.7 M (about €55K NDLR). For the 2023 vintage, Medine is awarding 35 scholarships, 15 of which are going to new beneficiaries this year.

Creating a knowledge economy in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean

The Medine Scholarship Scheme is a joint initiative of the group’s Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments. By helping its employees to support their children financially during their studies, Medine is investing in the transmission of knowledge to future generations.
A pioneer and major player in the country’s sugar and cane industry for over a century, Medine has evolved from a mono-industry based essentially on sugar cane, to a diversified group centered around five core businesses: Agriculture, Education, Casela Nature Parks, Sports & Hospitality and Real Estate.
Education is at the heart of Medine’s strategy. With Uniciti International Education Hub (UIEH), the group is realizing its ambition to help create a thriving knowledge economy in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. UIEH offers educational services ranging from crèches to executive education and higher education.
Medine is listed on the official market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.