The Dionysus Ensemble is the accredited musical organization within the Commonwealth

photo : DR

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland described a musical feat never attempted before as “a powerful testament to the resilience of the Commonwealth *”. The soundtrack to “Simple Gifts” recently released as part of the United Commonwealth COVID Music Project features a collaboration of musicians, each representing a Commonwealth country.

The Secretary General said : “The strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and the enchanting sound of human voices of all ages, arranged into one powerful performance against the backdrop of Commonwealth villages, towns and coasts. “It is a faithful reflection of the iridescent spectrum of our multidimensional and multicultural Commonwealth.” She stressed the importance of considering the arts in COVID-19 recovery strategies and said, “It’s not just about job prospects and human capital development, it’s also about health. mental health and other health benefits. “Research suggests that participation in art or music not only raises morale, fosters a sense of community, and improves personal resilience, but also has a measurable impact on people, stress levels and benefits the immune system. Partnered with a group of professional musicians, Dionysus Ensemble, the project harnesses the power of music to lift morale, improve mental health and encourage international comradeship, as countries rise to the challenge of challenges of the pandemic. Project leader and artistic director of the Dionysus Ensemble, Léonie Adams, connected with high commissioners, musicians and participants to create the Inspirational soundtrack : “When I first listened to the finished project, my hair stood on end. It has been an incredible and exciting journey from Africa to the Caribbean, Asia to the Pacific, the Americas… “It has been great connecting with people from all walks of life around the world.