Developed with the financial support of Tokyo-based Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd (MOL) and Japan’s MOL Mauritius International Fund, as well as AfrAsia and WCS (World Conservation Society), who also contributed financially to the development of “Mangrove Matter”, this innovative application aims to protect and restore mangrove forests.

The “Mangrove Matter” application, developed by Reef Conservation as part of its SOS Mangrove program, enables individuals to actively contribute to mangrove restoration. Drawing on citizen science, the app enables users to provide valuable data that will contribute to scientific research and inform conservation efforts.
Reef Conservation organized a training workshop to introduce this exciting tool, during which participants were treated to a live demonstration of the app. The workshop also included a presentation on the SOS Mangroves project, which provided an insight into the importance of mangrove conservation.
During the test phase, the Reef Conservation team visited several sites on the island to evaluate the effectiveness of the application. Some sixty volunteers took part in the application’s test phase, providing valuable information to Reef Conservation.

Click on the link below to access the “Mangrove Matter” application: