On May 4th, the Océinde Group* laid the foundation stone for Omega 1, the first data center in Reunion Island. It will be open to all local and international companies, as well as to public and governmental organizations.

Photo (TCO), from left to right: Olivier Hoarau, Mayor of Le Port; Nassir Goulamaly, President of the Océinde Group; Emmanuel Séraphin, President of the TCO; Emmanuel André, Director of THD)

Omega 1 is a low carbon impact data center. It is designed according to an environmental approach, based on
the greening of the site to combat heat islands.
Specializing in the data processing, hosting and related activities sector, Omega 1 is the first facility of its kind in Reunion Island. It will offer Reunionese companies secure and professional data hosting solutions on the West Coast.
Located in the city of Le Port, it will be at the heart of the island’s historic economic and industrial activity zone.
The town, which is home to 5,530 companies, also houses the island’s only industrial port: the Pointe des Galets port. It is one of the only French municipalities to combine the five functions of a ferry terminal, commercial port, naval base, marina and fishing port.
Anchored in its territory and connected to international networks, Omega 1 will further increase Reunion’s openness to the world.
Designed according to an environmental approach, based on the green development of the site to fight against heat islands, Omega 1 will accompany the growth of digital uses of the territory’s actors. The services offered meet the needs of local and international companies, as well as public and governmental organizations in terms of accommodation, connectivity and services.

More information in our next edition of the magazine.

*Océinde is an industrial group from Reunion Island, with more than 1,700 employees in 11 countries. Managed by a family shareholding (Goulamaly family), Océinde has invested 300 million euros over the last 5 years for the development of Reunion Island.