The winning company of the Tech4Good Challenge, changes its name, its premises and tackles new markets.
This is the message that Stefan Sakoschek, CEO of Inspecforless, now INSPEXION, wants to convey: “Our platform is taking on a new dimension in the B to C, B to B (for large importers) and now the B to G. This means the “Businees to Government”, which already concerns about thirty countries around the world. The implementation of new rules governing competition during calls for tenders as well as the respect of quality standards to be met, positions our platform ideally to respond to these new markets… ”

Let’s recall that the platform, now, allows to match inspection requests between professionals and individuals or between professionals.
All types of products are concerned (simple consumer products or real estate assets), which leaves an infinite number of development possibilities for the Inspexion teams who have just moved to several hundred square meters in Grand Baie.

More information in our next edition of the magazine.