Invited by Masterlife to the big seminar “Invincible” on July 17th at the Novotel in Tananarive, Ylias Akbaraly – Chairman of Redland (holding company of the Sipromad & Thomson Broadcast Group) – presented what he believes are the keys to success in entrepreneurship.

In front of an audience of 600 people composed of ambassadors, entrepreneurs, executives and journalists, Ylias Akbaraly spoke passionately about the creativity and intelligence of young Malagasy entrepreneurs and the consequent potentials for the country’s private sector, emphasizing the role of entrepreneurs in the development of the Malagasy economy.
Ylias Akbaraly emphasized the importance of education and vocational training, the attachment to human values, and tenacity in the face of challenges and obstacles, giving examples of his personal journey and experience in transforming a Malagasy company into a recognized economic player in Africa and the world.

A true message of hope for this country which abounds in talents most often ignored.

Click for an excerpt of his speech:


Ylias Akbaraly is the Chairman of REDLAND, the holding company of the Sipromad & Thomson Broadcast Group, which employs more than 3000 people. After studying in Paris and Berkeley, he succeeded in transforming his family company into one of the most successful groups in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean. With the acquisition of Thomson Broadcast in August 2018, Redland has become a group with an international dimension.
Present in France, the United States, the Emirates, Africa and the Indian Ocean, Redland is an international group that operates in several sectors such as industry, finance, energy, technology, tourism, aviation, real estate and broadcasting.
A model of pan-African success, Ylias Akbaraly was elected CEO of the year 2021 by the jury of Financial Afrik and is one of the 100 most influential people in Africa. He is dubbed “The Monk of Business” by ForbesAfrica magazine.