On March 3, 2022 was celebrated the World Wildlife Day. On this occasion, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and Emtel presented their new collaboration: the creation of the Friends of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation Club.

From left to right: Estelle Bastien (MWF Coordinator), Jean Hugues Gardenne (MWF Fundraising Manager), Sahoud Edoo (Emtel CFO), Vikash Tataya (MWF Director), Shezaad Auchoybur (Emtel Manager) and Keshav Ramful (MWF Communications Officer)

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the foundation responsible for the protection of Mauritian wildlife. With the sponsorship of Emtel, the first private telecommunication operator of the island, MWF launches the Friends of the Foundation Club. Its objectives are “to raise interest in all aspects of wildlife and habitat conservation, promote the projects of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, provide education and participatory support initiatives and raise awareness among environmentally conscious citizens,” explains the press release.
The Friends of the MWF club will allow members of the public to become involved in the conservation projects of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, which is responsible for several nature reserves in Mauritius, including the islets surrounding Mauritius and Rodrigues. Club members will pay an annual registration fee. This money will be used to organize awareness events and participate in the preservation of Mauritian flora and fauna. Club members will be invited to participate in various projects on a regular basis and become key players in this national effort to conserve Mauritian wildlife.