We regularly report in our columns that Mayotte is on the verge of civil war? But since last Monday night, with the ransacking of the town hall and the premises of the municipal police in Koungou, the second largest town in Mayotte, this is no longer a question but an obvious fact.

Photo : LNM

Journalists and some early warners have been warning the authorities for over 20 years. They who (over)live there can testify on a daily basis to the malaise that worsens every year until today’s implosion. Opposite them, autistic people from the French administration, often overpaid senior civil servants who come for this “baptism of fire” of 2 or 3 years, a nice professional promotion at the same time as nice anecdotes to tell for their old age. Together, as accomplices (unconscious?) in a plot to abandon the people of Mauritania who have always claimed to belong to France (for 180 years, it should be remembered, to the revisionists of the African Union), they leave the island after good and loyal service and pass the hot potato to their successors. No influential senior official in Paris, since the prefect Jean Jacques Brot, in office in what was still a departmental collectivity between 2002 and 2004, has been able or willing to take the Mahoran zebu by the horns to get it out of this bloody bullfight. The causes are well known: overpopulation, inadequate human and material infrastructures, complicity of a part of the population that exploits the human misery of a desperate illegal population in a hypocrisy that borders on collective schizophrenia… We also know what will happen next: some people will start to take out their weapons tomorrow against this population of delinquents in short pants, massively underage but already skilled in the techniques of urban warfare, as in all the African shantytowns that are “worthy” of the name. A logical continuation that the comments of the following personalities only confirm the terrible imminence.

Jacques Rombi

Mansour Kamardine, MP for Mayotte
“face of barbaric violence and arson (…) I call for the utmost firmness and unfailing determination. Consequently, I ask the government to send support forces to secure the recapture operations and guarantee their continuation. The law must remain in force.»

Daniel Zaïdani, MDM departmental advisor of Pamandzi 
“After having attacked the lives of our children by stoning school transport on a daily basis, it is the whole Republic that is in the process of being shaken in Mayotte with the burning of the Koungou town hall and the municipal police building. Unquestionably, this new form of violence and intimidation is pushing us right into the middle of a civil war.”

Estelle Youssouffa, president of the collectif association of Mayotte citizens
“Who makes the law in Mayotte?
The population of Mayotte is dying in general indifference: we are abandoned by the authorities and calls to take up arms to defend ourselves are multiplying. Mayotte does not need empty electoral promises but strong public action, otherwise our island will fall into civil war.