The LR deputy condemns the government’s discrimination against the inhabitants of Mayotte in the face of measures imposed to travel to other French regions.

The government has just announced a “change in the system of compelling reasons and quarantine for travel between the Overseas Territories and France”, after “consultation” according to the Minister for Overseas Territories.

As far as Mayotte is concerned, travel conditions and compelling reasons are maintained for 93% of the population. As for the 7% of the vaccinated population, the compelling reasons are lifted, but a PCR test before the trip, the observance of a seven-day isolation period on arrival, and a second PCR test at the end of the isolation period are mandatory!

This is unacceptable! Indeed, the incidence rate in Mayotte is currently around 10/100,000, the lowest of all French departments, and the positivity rate is around 1%, the lowest of all French departments.

Thus, the inhabitants of the French department where the covid epidemic is best contained have to suffer constraints and limitations on their constitutionally guaranteed right to come and go like nowhere else in metropolitan France (incident rate 146/100,000) and even in some overseas departments where the circulation of the virus is 15 times higher than in Mayotte.

This is unacceptable and unbearable discrimination against the people of Mayotte. Moreover, by imposing two PCR tests and the septaine for the people of Mayotte who have undergone a complete vaccination course, the government is itself casting enormous doubt on the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine on the covid variants, which is the vaccine used in Mayotte and the one most used in France.
Finally, some metropolitan regions (notably Ile-de-France), with overall incidence rates 20 times higher than Mayotte’s, also have incidence rates for the South African and South American variants higher than Mayotte’s. This invalidates the government’s reasoning for taking specific measures, given the presence of the South African variant, in relation to Mayotte.

I therefore call on the government to immediately lift the compelling reasons for all travellers to Mayotte. I also ask the government to tell us whether it now considers the Pfizer vaccine to be insufficiently effective against the variants.
Source: National Assembly