Le Wagon Mauritius, a leader in programming bootcamps, is launching its latest educational offering this year: a comprehensive Data Analytics bootcamp. In response to the changing technological landscape, this learning programme equips learners with essential skills in this field, promoting a deeper understanding of the importance of data in today’s world.

The Data Analytics bootcamp offered by Le Wagon Mauritius provides students with a comprehensive learning experience, with an emphasis on hands-on, real-world problem-solving. The programme is designed to empower different departments of an organisation, such as marketing, sales, accounting and finance, production, research and development, and human resources with the ability to interpret and analyse data, contributing to informed decision-making in various sectors.
Acquiring data management skills is increasingly essential in today’s job market. The Data Analytics bootcampen offers a gateway to a multitude of career opportunities. From data analysts to business intelligence specialists, the programme caters for the different roles within the data ecosystem and for companies, whatever their maturity in the use of data.

An employability rate of 93%.

During the course, students will develop expertise in understanding Data Sourcing, Mastering Data Extraction and Transformation, Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence (BI), as well as using Python for Data Analysis. They will gain practical experience with industry-standard tools such as PowerBI, Google Analytics, Python and SQL. These tools, which are crucial to global business operations, will enable professionals to extract valuable information from large datasets.

data sets. Expert management of this data will then enable predictions to be made and concrete action to be taken for the business.

This new programme, designed and developed by data experts and professionals, gives students access to some of the most sought-after job opportunities in today’s professional world. It guarantees them new career prospects, with a remarkable employability rate of 93% six months after the course* for a first full-time post-bootcamp position. The Wagon’s training courses stand out as being among the most effective for those planning a significant change in their career. In addition, Wagon courses provide access to one of the largest international alumni communities.