Initiated in Beijing in September 2018, the free trade agreement between China and Mauritius entered into force in early 2021. This trade agreement is the first of its kind between China and an African country. At the time of its signing in 2018, the volume of trade between Mauritius and China was relatively low at $ 842 million. The balance was very lopsided with only $ 37 million worth of exports to China. The implementation of the trade agreement between the two countries should in absolute terms increase the volume of trade, especially in services where Mauritius could do well: finance, tourism, maritime transport, health, education,… The island has the advantage of being the gateway par excellence to Africa for these sectors, despite the sanction of the European Union on its financial services which places it on the blacklist of tax heavens. Either way, the trade deal is seen as very beneficial on both sides, affecting 7,504 non-tariffed products, such as textiles, steel and other manufactured goods. Mauritius will be able, among other products, to export sugar to China with a quota of 50,000 tonnes at the start of the agreement. Source JDE