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Over the next 5 years, Ericsson will focus on modernizing the TMCEL company network. This operation will include, among other things, the automation of its business operations and the launch of mobile money. The 2 companies unveiled the related contract on November 26, 2020.

The public telecommunications company of Mozambique, TMCEL, born in January 2019 from the merger of the companies Telecomunicações de Moçambique (TdM) and Mozambique Cellular (Mcel), has offered the services of the telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson for the modernisation of its network . Through this agreement, the telecoms company will adopt the innovations, features and services of Ericsson’s Business Support Systems (BSS) software that will digitize and consolidate its business operations and provide mobile subscribers with an improved customer experience. Ericsson will also provide TMCEL with its Ericsson Wallet Platform solution for mobile money. According to Mahomed Rafique Jusob Mahomed, Chairman of the Board of TMCEL, working with Ericsson will “further enhance our value proposition and broaden our ecosystem.” Ericsson’s global experience and innovative solutions will enable us to meet the personalised and rapidly changing needs of the digital market in Mozambique ”. The contract unveiled on Thursday, November 26, signed between TMCEL and Ericsson, runs for five years. It offers TMCEL the opportunity to evolve its network towards automation which will allow it to reduce its operational costs and gain efficiency. Source Ecofin