The Côte d’or sports complex (north central part of the country) welcomed from March 16 to 19 hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of visitors and especially nearly 120 agricultural actors for an important symposium. The common message is unanimous and clear: it is time for action.

“The symposium identified several avenues for improvement to boost production. The organization of the symposium in the wake of the Assises de l’Agriculture was an eye-opener for all stakeholders on the challenges, opportunities but also “success stories”. We were pleasantly surprised to see how far processes have advanced in the sector, with companies already using AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems to drive growth, world-class laboratories enabling contract farming models to transform agricultural products into world-class food supplements. The symposium identified several avenues for improvement to boost production: diversifying the agricultural base, increasing the visibility of the sector, encouraging youth involvement, and facilitating technology adoption, especially to build resilience. EDB and the Ministry of Agribusiness and Food Security will work to translate the recommendations into implementation actions with the support of relevant stakeholders,” said EDB manager Rachna Ramkhalawon (inset in photo).

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