OCETRA, a Reunionese company specialized in underwater works and heavy handling, has established a partnership with the Taylor Smith group, also engaged in maritime services and logistics, among others. The objective is to offer high level services on a regional and international scale.

“We are delighted to be able to extend our services to other countries in the Indian Ocean, notably Mauritius, thanks to the partnership with the Taylor Smith group, with whom we share many common points, namely the respect of human values, the environment and ethical principles. In addition to the know-how related to offshore works, OCETRA brings its skills in the framework of external controls or advice in maritime and underwater works, but also in urgent and specific interventions. We have also acquired a solid experience in river, port and industrial works. The whole team is looking forward to working with the Mauritians,” said Axel Fernandez, founder and manager of OCETRA. The Taylor Smith Group is very pleased with this new partnership. “With its ambition to be a regional shipping hub, Mauritius now needs such support to protect the sector. The Taylor Smith Group is already very involved in the sector with companies specializing in maritime services. This partnership only strengthens our service offering and our innovation strategy. OCETRA is a company known and recognized for its know-how and its varied field of expertise in marine works – underwater and in hostile environments. Both companies can only benefit from each other’s excellence and expertise,” said Heba Capdevila Jangeerkhan, COO of the Taylor Smith Group, who led the negotiations between the two companies. Founded in 2013, OCETRA has marked a new stage by joining the ETPO Group in 2019, a recognized specialist whose core business is construction. The company implements the necessary resources to preserve the planet, and promotes the development of a stimulating and fulfilling professional environment, aiming to ensure the well-being of its employees. OCETRA has a prestigious portfolio of clients such as Artelia, EDF, DEME among others.

On the picture : Axel Fernandez, founder and manager of OCETRA, Heba Capdevila Jangeerkhan, COO of Taylor Smith Group and Simon Gouranton, Country Manager and Commercial Diver at OCETRA