The new president of the Departmental Council Ben Issa Ousseni (BIO) was received this Tuesday, August 24 in Paris by the Minister of Outremers Sébastien Lecornu, we learn that two ministerial delegations will be in Mayotte from this Saturday for 4 days that look lively.

Regarding the BIO/Lecornu meeting, according to our colleague Denis Herrmann (LNM): “the two men have largely discussed, in the extension of the meeting at the Elysee Palace, the issues discussed during the consultation on the future law program Mayotte which the Minister hopes to adopt in the Council of Ministers for December or January next year. During this meeting, they discussed in particular the reinforcement of the State’s means on the issues (security, justice…), the financial compensations for the PMI and the social assistance to children, the file of the port of Longoni, the challenges of the youth in terms of construction of school establishment or professional training. The President of the Departmental Council has already requested the active support of French diplomacy for the organization of the 2027 Island Games in Mayotte. So many topics that the minister will be able to develop on site. As for the Minister of the Interior, there is no shortage of urgent matters, as the same colleague points out ironically: “Will Gérarld Darmanin announce a reinforcement of nautical, land, air and submarine resources to fight against crime and illegal immigration, all accompanied by a massive arrival of additional police officers? Let’s not dream, it will be niet. He will be given the most reassuring figures possible on delinquency in Mayotte, which he will use to tell us that everything is fine and that if we live behind gates and don’t go out after 6pm, it’s because we want to. His partner from the Outremers will reassure us and telling us that the long runway is “the” great project of the President of the Republic and that the promise to start the work has been respected. Yes, it is true! A “Mr. Long Runway” has been appointed and a steering committee created. But now he is going to tell us that the volcano is worrying and that consequently the pre-studies are likely to last a long time and that the inauguration of this runway is probably going to take a little longer than expected. What else for this visit? Illegal immigration! What a chance! We will have the two ministers concerned by the problem. They will go out in a speedboat to see how an interception takes place. They will see a demonstration with kwassa, Redco, helicopter and all the usual big circus… As far as the economy is concerned, beyond the slump which is hanging over our heads like a two penny whistle, with the increases in sea freight which are passed on to consumer prices, there is not much in store.Tourism, the only possibility to really develop the island is at half-mast and not only because of Covid. The excessive prices of air fares and services in the restaurant and hotel industry are brakes on the massive arrival of tourists, who are also terrified by the insecurity. This quick overview should already “get them in shape” for their visit. A big regret all the same is that this double ministerial visit comes a little late. They will make announcements, even promises. Who says they will be kept? In eight months the presidential elections will take place. Welcome all the same, ministers!