FoodWise has set up its “Rejuice” juice bar in the heart of the Bagatelle Mall food court

photo : DR

Tons of fruits and vegetables end up in the trash every day because of their unusual shapes and appearances. However, they are often not unsuitable for consumption

It is on this principle that FoodWise has set up its “Rejuice” juice bar in the heart of the Bagatelle Mall food court. This project came to fruition thanks in particular to the support of UNDP, the Rogers Foundation, Bagatelle Mall and Insite Construction.
Thanks to Rejuice, more than 100 kilos of fruit and vegetables that do not meet standard aesthetic marketing criteria are saved from the trash every day and transformed into delicious fresh juice. This circular economy model makes sense both environmentally and economically.

A true circular vision

FoodWise purchases these fruits and vegetables at a reduced price, which not only provides an additional source of income for producers, but also allows customers to enjoy a healthy product at a low price.
FoodWise takes the concept even further by donating 100% of the profits made by this juice bar to FoodWise. “Each customer not only does a good deed because he saves fruit and vegetables, but above all because he directly contributes to the redistribution of unsold food to the most disadvantaged. With Rejuice, we are taking a further step towards our vision of social enterprise and self-financing, ”says Rebecca Espitalier-Noël, Managing Director of FoodWise.