The French government launched the France Relance plan, of which € 2.7 billion will be invested in the energy renovation of public buildings. Among the 4,214 projects selected, let us note for the island of Reunion five new projects spread over the territory : the construction of a cultural and recreational room in Sainte-Suzanne, the construction of a school in Saint-Louis, the rehabilitation of a primary school in Sainte-Rose, the renovation of the Beaulieu gendarmerie barracks in Saint-Benoît, and the development of a wooded park at the Port. In Mayotte, the RSMA (Régiment du Service Militaire Adapté) will be renovated, as well as public buildings in Petite Terre, Dembéni and Mamoudzou. All of the French overseas territories benefit fully from this measure: the West Indies, Guyana, French Polynesia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, New Caledonia, Reunion, Mayotte and even Wallis and Futuna. 237 projects were selected in the overseas territories for a total amount of € 161 million (6% of the overall envelope).