The Rogers Group has made several acquisitions since 2015 to create Rogers Capital, a company that operates in non-banking financial services: outsourcing services and offshore, among others. Rogers Capital Technology is another company that is the technology arm of the entity.
The group’s CEO Philippe Espitalier-Noël, gave us some strategic details on this high-potential sector in Mauritius and the region

(read his complete intervention in the people pages of our last magazine JDA 8).

For him, this financial pole, with the help of technology, will be an important growth engine for the group: “I think that everything remains to be done in building a depth of service in the financial space. Africa has everything to build and Asia is growing. Finance is a well-served sector. We took the time to see how technology can help us grow organically. Today we have a technology network that allows us to sell our services to third parties and this is a strategic tool that we offer to everyone, even competitors. To achieve this, we had to invest a lot in knowledge to help us automate and have lighter processes. For us, fintech (a contraction of FINance and TECHnology, editor’s note) is technology at the service of our operations… at the service of finance.

Growth yes, but organic

With this technological asset, Philippe Espitalier Noël does not hide his continental and regional ambitions for Rogers Capital. At Rogers Capital Technology, with its networks of skills that reach international clients, we intend to go to Africa in 2023. Otherwise, at the offshore level, we continue to deepen certain service lines, particularly on outsourcing of accounting, on the introduction of a tax network in Africa with obvious internal productivity levers: artificial intelligence and robotization … There is still organic growth to be found on these outsourcing files and, on the credit side, we confirm a strategic development axis on the operation that we have and on which we will be able to say more next year. We have been prudent during the crisis but we have built a good platform, even if we have fallen behind. We are in the process of reviewing the outline of this activity to enter into a perspective of additional growth.”