The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources has announced that the country will no longer import corn, wheat and soybean seeds in the next agricultural season and will no longer assist farmers who purchase imported seed.

This follows progress in local seed production that covers 100% of the country’s needs. In 2018, RWF 2.5 billion* was invested by the government in wetland development and used for local seed multiplication to reduce imports. The Rwandan government imports about 4,900 tons of improved seeds, including 3,500 tons of maize, 800 tons of wheat, and 600 tons of soybean, mainly from Kenya and Zambia. For example, locally produced maize seed costs between 400 and 600 RWF/kg, while imported seed costs 1,500 RWF depending on the variety. To cover its seed needs, Rwanda spends nearly 6 MEUR per year. *1 € = 1175 RWF Source: DGT Photo: Around Kigali. (J.Rombi)