Fleeti, a start-up incubated at ESTIA and specializing in fleet management in Africa, has announced a €1 million investment from Newfund, Groupe Clim, Janngo, SkalePark, Mapinvest and business angels. Fleeti has an office in Mauritius represented by Gabriel Delerue.

In picture (DR): Fleeti teams in Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana) except Mauritius

Founded in July 2020 by Iban Olçomendy and Gabriel Delerue (both graduates of EDHEC), Fleeti allows companies to reduce the costs associated with car fleets. Collecting data from vehicles, machines or equipment is often complex and difficult for companies to understand. Fleeti’s technology not only simplifies data collection but also its analysis in order to bring value on three levels: cost reduction, increased safety and reduced environmental impact. By raising €1 million, and with more than 100 convinced customers in four countries (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Mauritius), the company is reaffirming its ambition to become the technological leader in fleet management in Africa. The team, which includes more than 10 nationalities, is based in the Basque Country, in the Technopole Izarbel, and in Africa, with regional offices in Dakar and Mauritius. For Gabriel Delerue, based in Mauritius: “We already have several reference clients in Mauritius and see the island as a launching pad for the Indian Ocean. We are opening in Madagascar and Reunion next year. We also plan to open a support and customer service center in Mauritius for our African subsidiaries. We have to open 10 countries in the next 3 years (we are at 4 today) and Mauritius has a great expertise for the creation of remote support”

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