During the test phase in the capital Saint-Denis, POMA* has built the first metrocable of the Indian Ocean which will be finally delivered this December.

With a length of 2.68 kilometers, the Saint-Denis cable car will connect the Chaudron district, located east of downtown, to the Bois de Nèfles district in the north of the city, passing through the Moufia district. A 14-minute journey including 3 intermediate stations. The 46 10-seat cabins will ensure a flow of 1,200 people per hour and per direction. Perfectly integrated into the existing public transport network, Reunion’s first urban gondola lift will ease the traffic, which is particularly dense on the island, and encourage soft modes of transportation. It also contributes to creating a new dynamic, with the new Bois de Nèfle High School and numerous local shops located near the line.

Connected to the exclusive right-of-way public transport network

The CINOR (Communauté Intercommunale du Nord de La Réunion) transports more than 21 million passengers annually. In order to take into account the development of the highlands, to improve its transport network and to free the roads, it wishes today to develop several urban cable car lines. The first of these lines is in the process of being implemented, and in-depth studies are being carried out for the second. The first line, Chaudron / Moufia / Bois-de-Nèfles, will be connected to the existing transport network. It also takes into account the future Run Rail project of the Réunion Region. This line is part of the Integrated Modern Transport Network project, led by the city of Saint-Denis (RITMO), which includes the creation of a network of 5 teleported lines serving several neighborhoods in the upper and mid-slopes while remaining connected to the downtown public transport network. Sources: POMA/CINOR *POMA is the French leader in cable transportation, recognized worldwide for its high-performance and eco-responsible mobility solutions.