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USAID invests in rural electrification

Madagascar A Madagascar, trois producteurs indépendants d’énergie ont reçu une subvention de 1,2 million USD. Les fonds serviront à amorcer la construction de mini-réseaux devant permettre à 5 200 ménages et entreprises vivant...

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Adam Amoumoun, AfDB Project Manager

Madagascar The African Development Bank (AfDB) has appointed Adam Amoumoun as office manager for Madagascar. Before joining the AfDB then, this appointment for Madagascar, the Nigerien Adam Amoumoun was in charge of procurement...

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Lower telecom tax

Madagascar For 2021, Malagasy people should pay less for telecom services. The excise tax on telecoms has been reduced from 10% to 8% in the bill …

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Free Wi-Fi access

Madagascar According to Agence Ecofin, by the end of the year, Malagasy people will have free wireless internet access in the busiest places in the country. Among the 22 regions of the country, the first to have access to the...

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